Daughter of the Cave–Episode 2: The Travelers

Gather round, fellow Speleogians: Your favorite subterranean feminist saga continues as multimedia artist and regular Speleogen contributor Paige Adair returns with the second episode in the Daughter of the Cave video series.

Like its predecessor, “The Travelers” is composed of a number of disparate elements, including documentary video Adair captured at Ruby Falls along with images appropriated from Adair’s research into the twisty looping chambers of mythology and popular culture.

Adair leaves behind the stillness and composure of Episode 1: A Portrait to depict her female protagonist’s explorations through the labyrinthine dreamscape of this imaginary cave. By satisfying her underground wanderlust, Adair’s character asks viewers to consider how human anatomies and natural landscapes relate to each other. Adair also investigates how we use stories to make explicable the mysteries of our own bodies and the (real/imagined) spaces we traverse with them.

“The Travelers” is also the latest multimedia collaboration between Adair and Speleogen’s Mason Brown who composed the video’s score. Brown sculpted the soundtrack exclusively using documentary audio recordings gathered during Speleogen’s recent excursion to Mammoth Cave National Park.

View the first episode in this ongoing video series here.

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