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The Monkey Thieves of Aurangabad: A Reminiscence in Still and Moving Images

"These dang langur monkeys. They'll steal any snack I got!" - An American tourist This week David Matysiak presents the third and final chapter in his Indian cave triptych. The piece is itself divided into two sections comprised of both moving and still images. We first become acquainted with the titular, sticky-handed langurs whom David encountered upon entering and exiting Ajanta Caves. Next, a collection of still images captured in and around Ajanta and Ellora Caves invites us to linger Read more [...]

Tuning to Buddha

Last month, I was traveling across India filming a documentary with Anchal Project. Our team had a few days off during the Diwali holidays and decided to take a trip to Aurangabad, India. We had seen the pictures and read the tales, and we wanted to explore the innards and far-reaching depths inside the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. My plan was to hike my newly acquired singing bowl into the meditation music rooms carved out by Buddhist monks in the 5th century. I forgot the aforementioned singing Read more [...]

These Walls Resonate

John Paul Floyd documents our first ever subterranean improvisation. Devin Brown, Mason Brown, and David Matysiak play the roles of cave minstrels and our intrepid guide Jordan Mitchell stands off camera.