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Fresh From the Depths

Greetings Fellow Speleogians, We write with a couple of important announcements concerning our cave art collective’s most recent activities both above- and belowground: I. Our New Publication Schedule Speleogen took a breather from publishing new content on a weekly basis after posting the final installment of our 3-part Ruby Falls digital exhibition. The reasons for this hiatus were twofold. First, our roles as collaborative artists have grown and diversified. When Speleogen launched Read more [...]

Fresh from the Depths

Greetings fellow spelunkers, bottom-dwellers, pancake-squeezers, Z-Bend-shimmiers, and all-around underground travelers. We write with a couple of announcements concerning Speleogen’s recent activities. For the last couple of months members of Team Speleogen have been posting multimedia works inspired by our recent journeys through Petty John’s Cave on our lovely new website, which was designed by our very own Mason Brown. We plan to publish a brand new piece every week on Thursday mornings, Read more [...]