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John Paul Floyd taking photographs in the Jam Hole.

John Paul Floyd taking photographs in the Jam Hole.

Excursion 2 / July 10, 2013

Hours clocked underground: 2.75

Fellow explorers encountered in the cave: 0

Bat sightings: 3, including 2 actual bats and one piece of bad Batman-themed graffiti. See “Number of cave tags” entry below.

Handmade egg rolls devoured at Uncle Jed’s truckstop; this delicacy is available only once a week on Wednesdays: 0

Cave tacos consumed by John Paul after photographing the Jam Hole: 2

Ingredients that comprise a cave taco: avocados, hardboiled eggs, tortillas, sweet peppers

Cable release devices that slipped down trash-filled crevasses, which smelled strongly of excrement: 1

Photographic exposures taken inside of Petty John’s: 12

Pictures rattled off on disposable cameras: 21

Average time it takes to expose a photograph in the absence of natural light sources using a flashlight: 4 minutes

Cave tags John Paul buffed out with cave mud: 1

Factor by which John Paul’s camera outweighed whatever device ought to have been mounted on the tripod he bought at Walmart earlier that morning: 4

Scruffy, bedraggled-looking men sighted riding bicycles on the highway near the Walmart: 1

Distance Devin and John Paul hiked the Chamberlain Trail after resurfacing from Petty John’s: 3 miles

Ticks they had to remove from their bodies and clothes in the grassy parking lot after the hike: Scores

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