Daughter of the Cave–Episode 1: A Portrait

“The cave is a place of rebirth, that secret cavity in which one is shut up in order to be incubated and renewed…[These legends have] the following meaning: Anyone who gets into the cave will find himself involved in an–at first–unconscious process of transformation.” — Carl Jung

This first episode of the video series “Daughter of the Cave” introduces the newest member of the Speleogen Team, Atlanta-based artist, archivist, and self-described “undercover interior designer” Paige Adair.

Paige’s work focuses on the subjects of narrative, mythology, and femininity, and she excels at encapsulating the ways in which environments mold subjectivity in a variety of media. In part a powerful meditation on a Chinese folk tale, “Daughter of the Cave” explores cave environments as metaphorical sites of eruptive change while also seeking to understand how gender is construed and inflected within these liminal underground spaces.

The piece incorporates elements from a variety of sources. The vibrant watercolors that swirl in the background are based on the Speleogen Team’s photos of the The Jam Hole, that resonant chamber within Petty John’s Cave where the Team recorded its first musical improvisations. Paige also appropriates imagery from popular fables, here most notably Little Red Riding Hood, in addition to employing video and still images she extracted during her own independent excursions to Ruby Falls.

Speleogen’s Mason Brown provides a haunting score that complements perfectly the claustrophobic ambiance that Paige’s video evokes. Just as Paige re-purposes and reshapes images inspired by the Speleogen Team’s documentary photography as well as her own caving adventures, Mason engineers the soundscape by revisiting the Speleogen Sound Team’s archive of cave-inspired recordings.

The resulting piece, a conversation between Paige’s mythological and highly feminine iconography and Mason’s aural atmospherics, exemplifies Speleogen’s collaborative aesthetics.

For more info about Paige’s life and artwork please visit our updated Personnel page.

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