Maps of Possible Sequence

Allow me to set the scene.

It is a lovely summer morning. June 2013.The Speleogen Team is making its first excursion to Petty John’s Cave.

Three of the five would-be cavers have never been to Petty John’s, have never visited Pigeon Mountain or driven through the town of Lafayette.

Three of the five have never before stepped foot inside a cave.

When we arrive a group of cavers is already waiting to greet us in the parking area. The coincidence is quasi-providential. They have just emerged from their own subterranean journeys and they are eager to share their experiences with us.

They come bearing knowledge in the forms of laminated maps. They are a vision of what we have yet to become.

This piece, constructed by Mason Brown using documentary video David Matysiak shot mostly on his cell phone, depicts and deconstructs the experiences leading up to our first descent underground.

Like the maps that the cavers shared with us, the video offers a glimpse at the kinds of affective cartographies that the Speleogen Team has surveyed.

The soundtrack features recordings of the Speleogen Sound Team’s improvisational explorations. Mason describes the procedure of composing the piece as a way to find a visual soundtrack for an aural picture.

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