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On Light Painting Petty John’s Cave: An Essay

I am looking at the print of the Chandelier that John Paul framed for me. In the photo the formation has a ghostly air about it. Stripped of context it tells you nothing about where or what it is. It reminds me a bit of spirit photography, a sort of ectoplasmic excrescence, which I suppose it is, at least geologically speaking. Yet I was present for this clicking of the shutter. I witnessed the history of its taking and recorded it myself albeit in complementary media, i.e. audio and writing. The Read more [...]

Cave Index

Excursion 2 / July 10, 2013 Hours clocked underground: 2.75 Fellow explorers encountered in the cave: 0 Bat sightings: 3, including 2 actual bats and one piece of bad Batman-themed graffiti. See “Number of cave tags” entry below. Handmade egg rolls devoured at Uncle Jed’s truckstop; this delicacy is available only once a week on Wednesdays: 0 Cave tacos consumed by John Paul after photographing the Jam Hole: 2 Ingredients that comprise a cave taco: avocados, hardboiled eggs, Read more [...]