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Fresh From the Depths

Greetings Fellow Speleogians, We write with a couple of important announcements concerning our cave art collective’s most recent activities both above- and belowground: I. Our New Publication Schedule Speleogen took a breather from publishing new content on a weekly basis after posting the final installment of our 3-part Ruby Falls digital exhibition. The reasons for this hiatus were twofold. First, our roles as collaborative artists have grown and diversified. When Speleogen launched Read more [...]

10 Ways of Looking at a Waterfall: A Digital Exhibition: Part 3

This week we are very proud to bring you the 3rd and final installment of our 3-part digital exhibition of multimedia works inspired by a recent Community Cave Excursion to Ruby Falls, a popular tourist cave that is equal parts museum, natural wonder, and roadside attraction located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you would like to learn more about our purposes for making this trip and the circumstances under which our featured artists produced their amazing pieces please see the introductory Read more [...]

10 Ways of Looking at a Waterfall: A Digital Exhibition: Part 1

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Fellow Fashioners of the New Cave Art: On January 11, 2014 the Speleogen Team undertook its inaugural Community Cave Excursion to Ruby Falls, a popular tourist cave that is equal parts theme park, museum, roadside attraction, and legitimate natural wonder. Located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Falls straddle the lines that separate “natural beauty,” human artifice, and the commercial interests of the tourist industry in the U.S. South. Because the Falls Read more [...]

Beneath the Mountain Flows a Stillness: A Speleogen Cavecast

On August 24, 2013 the Speleogen Team returned to Pigeon Mountain just outside of Lafayette, GA, and descended into Petty John’s Cave for the third time. The trip, which was spearheaded by photographer/adventurer John Paul Floyd and rock climber extraordinaire Jordan Mitchell, was the most physically and mentally challenging that the Team had undertaken yet. Its purpose was to navigate the five-person unit underneath Pigeon Mountain to the banks of an underground waterfall that had been Read more [...]

Trapped! Or The Ballad of Floyd Collins and the Media

There is a scene in Billy Wilder’s unrelentingly bleak 1951 film Ace in the Hole where disgraced reporter Charles Tatum, played with cool venom by Kirk Douglas, explains to his photographer protege the ins and outs of human interest stories. The pair has just entered an Indian cliff dwelling in search of a man who’s been trapped inside while searching for ancient pottery to sell in his New Mexico curio shop. The public doesn’t care about tragedy on a massive scale, Tatum says. They simply Read more [...]

Ajanta Caves: The Birth of OM

David Matysiak spent the month of November in India shooting a documentary film about the Anchal Project. (Make sure to peruse the photos David took to document his travels here.) On the trip David's attentions were focused primarily on the women of Anchal and their amazing stories. And yet when opportunities arose to venture into new speleological territories in an unfamiliar country David leaped at the chance to document these experiences for the Speleogen Team. This video is the first Read more [...]

On Light Painting Petty John’s Cave: An Essay

I am looking at the print of the Chandelier that John Paul framed for me. In the photo the formation has a ghostly air about it. Stripped of context it tells you nothing about where or what it is. It reminds me a bit of spirit photography, a sort of ectoplasmic excrescence, which I suppose it is, at least geologically speaking. Yet I was present for this clicking of the shutter. I witnessed the history of its taking and recorded it myself albeit in complementary media, i.e. audio and writing. The Read more [...]

The Cave You Fear to Enter

After our last excursion into Petty John’s Cave, a six hour long odyssey that culminated with us witnessing a majestic underground waterfall, the Speleogen Sound Team resolved to begin composing a musical score that could be mapped at least imaginatively upon the routes we followed, the sites we registered, and the obstacles we encountered. This video, shot and edited by David Matysiak, documents a recent rehearsal in our studio space where we experimented with tones, textures, and voicings Read more [...]

Fresh from the Depths

Greetings fellow spelunkers, bottom-dwellers, pancake-squeezers, Z-Bend-shimmiers, and all-around underground travelers. We write with a couple of announcements concerning Speleogen’s recent activities. For the last couple of months members of Team Speleogen have been posting multimedia works inspired by our recent journeys through Petty John’s Cave on our lovely new website, which was designed by our very own Mason Brown. We plan to publish a brand new piece every week on Thursday mornings, Read more [...]

Brushes Forged with Light

In this sound collage Devin Brown recalls an excursion with John Paul Floyd to make fine art photographs in Petty John's Cave. In addition to documentary audio taken during the venture this piece is also composed of recordings from Speleogen's music rehearsals and text prepared and read by Devin. Read more [...]

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