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Daughter of the Cave–Episode 2: The Travelers

Gather round, fellow Speleogians: Your favorite subterranean feminist saga continues as multimedia artist and regular Speleogen contributor Paige Adair returns with the second episode in the Daughter of the Cave video series. Like its predecessor, “The Travelers” is composed of a number of disparate elements, including documentary video Adair captured at Ruby Falls along with images appropriated from Adair’s research into the twisty looping chambers of mythology and popular culture. Adair Read more [...]

Daughter of the Cave–Episode 1: A Portrait

"The cave is a place of rebirth, that secret cavity in which one is shut up in order to be incubated and renewed...[These legends have] the following meaning: Anyone who gets into the cave will find himself involved in an--at first--unconscious process of transformation." -- Carl Jung This first episode of the video series "Daughter of the Cave" introduces the newest member of the Speleogen Team, Atlanta-based artist, archivist, and self-described "undercover interior designer" Paige Adair. Paige's Read more [...]