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On Light Painting Petty John’s Cave: An Essay

I am looking at the print of the Chandelier that John Paul framed for me. In the photo the formation has a ghostly air about it. Stripped of context it tells you nothing about where or what it is. It reminds me a bit of spirit photography, a sort of ectoplasmic excrescence, which I suppose it is, at least geologically speaking. Yet I was present for this clicking of the shutter. I witnessed the history of its taking and recorded it myself albeit in complementary media, i.e. audio and writing. The Read more [...]

The First Descent

Excursion 1 / June 15, 2013 For our first excursion into the field we set virtually no agenda. We brought with us some portable audio recording devices, digital cameras, cell phones, and musical instruments, specifically a melodica and an mbira (thumb piano), that were small and durable enough to be lugged around inside the cave. In fact when trying to decide what to bring with us we nearly left the instruments behind, including them only reluctantly at the last minute at John Paul’s Read more [...]