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Daughter of the Cave–Episode 2: The Travelers

Gather round, fellow Speleogians: Your favorite subterranean feminist saga continues as multimedia artist and regular Speleogen contributor Paige Adair returns with the second episode in the Daughter of the Cave video series. Like its predecessor, “The Travelers” is composed of a number of disparate elements, including documentary video Adair captured at Ruby Falls along with images appropriated from Adair’s research into the twisty looping chambers of mythology and popular culture. Adair Read more [...]

10 Ways of Looking at a Waterfall: A Digital Exhibition: Part 1

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Fellow Fashioners of the New Cave Art: On January 11, 2014 the Speleogen Team undertook its inaugural Community Cave Excursion to Ruby Falls, a popular tourist cave that is equal parts theme park, museum, roadside attraction, and legitimate natural wonder. Located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Falls straddle the lines that separate “natural beauty,” human artifice, and the commercial interests of the tourist industry in the U.S. South. Because the Falls Read more [...]

Daughter of the Cave–Episode 1: A Portrait

"The cave is a place of rebirth, that secret cavity in which one is shut up in order to be incubated and renewed...[These legends have] the following meaning: Anyone who gets into the cave will find himself involved in an--at first--unconscious process of transformation." -- Carl Jung This first episode of the video series "Daughter of the Cave" introduces the newest member of the Speleogen Team, Atlanta-based artist, archivist, and self-described "undercover interior designer" Paige Adair. Paige's Read more [...]

Beneath the Mountain Flows a Stillness: A Speleogen Cavecast

On August 24, 2013 the Speleogen Team returned to Pigeon Mountain just outside of Lafayette, GA, and descended into Petty John’s Cave for the third time. The trip, which was spearheaded by photographer/adventurer John Paul Floyd and rock climber extraordinaire Jordan Mitchell, was the most physically and mentally challenging that the Team had undertaken yet. Its purpose was to navigate the five-person unit underneath Pigeon Mountain to the banks of an underground waterfall that had been Read more [...]

Maps of Possible Sequence

Allow me to set the scene. It is a lovely summer morning. June 2013.The Speleogen Team is making its first excursion to Petty John’s Cave. Three of the five would-be cavers have never been to Petty John’s, have never visited Pigeon Mountain or driven through the town of Lafayette. Three of the five have never before stepped foot inside a cave. When we arrive a group of cavers is already waiting to greet us in the parking area. The coincidence is quasi-providential. They have just emerged Read more [...]

Where The Falls Never Rain

For years the National Speleological Society has hosted a Cave Ballad Salon wherein spelunkers enter cave-themed songs that they’ve penned into a compeition that is judged by their peers and associates. The results of these musical interpretations of the caving life are then announced at the NSS’s national convention. While rummaging through an antique store in recent months, Mason Brown excavated a vinyl LP that had collected the entries from the 1972 Cave Ballad Competition. Given that Read more [...]

The Cave You Fear to Enter

After our last excursion into Petty John’s Cave, a six hour long odyssey that culminated with us witnessing a majestic underground waterfall, the Speleogen Sound Team resolved to begin composing a musical score that could be mapped at least imaginatively upon the routes we followed, the sites we registered, and the obstacles we encountered. This video, shot and edited by David Matysiak, documents a recent rehearsal in our studio space where we experimented with tones, textures, and voicings Read more [...]

These Walls Resonate

John Paul Floyd documents our first ever subterranean improvisation. Devin Brown, Mason Brown, and David Matysiak play the roles of cave minstrels and our intrepid guide Jordan Mitchell stands off camera.

Cave Transmission 1

After harvesting the sounds we captured in the Jam Hole during The First Descent, Mason Brown and David Matysiak starting experimenting with this documentary audio at their home studio. The results are at turns totally delightful and unsettlingly sinister. Read more [...]