The Cave You Fear to Enter

After our last excursion into Petty John’s Cave, a six hour long odyssey that culminated with us witnessing a majestic underground waterfall, the Speleogen Sound Team resolved to begin composing a musical score that could be mapped at least imaginatively upon the routes we followed, the sites we registered, and the obstacles we encountered.

This video, shot and edited by David Matysiak, documents a recent rehearsal in our studio space where we experimented with tones, textures, and voicings for the score, which we hope eventually to perform live with lights and projections.

David and Mason take turns on mandolin while Mason also plays a homemade hang drum fashioned from a recycled propane tank courtesy of Aaron Barnes at Space Tanks. (For those as bewitched by the sounds of the hang drum as we are Aaron’s amazing tanks are available for purchase at Atlanta’s Earth Shaking Music.) Devin also provides rhythmic accompaniment.

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